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Program Concept

Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and more than a little drained?

Feel like you are constantly running on empty?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night stressed about your crazy to-do list?

Are you anxious to feed and nourish your family and yourself in a healthy, EASY way but just don’t know how to do it?

Do you imagine ending each day feeling good about what you accomplished and how you feel?

Ready to go from frazzled to fabulous?

Curious to get a taste of a healthier and happier life?

Want to manage your family, health and career goals? we will find the lifestyle choices that support you best. You’ll make gradual, lifelong changes that will enable you to reach your current and future family, health and career goals. To relieve your tension and give you the needed energy to bring up you in your life we suggest the Vacation Tour & Resorts Management Program as an option.

Why Vacations ?

Everyone will love the MasterCard One commercials with the little kids begging the parents to take a vacation day.

Did you realize that most of We Indians unused vacation days each year? That is sad & unhealthy.

Even if you love your job, it is important to your health and well-being to enjoy regular breaks:

It’s important to enjoy time with friends and family outside of work - at the end of your life, odds are good you will be more likely to regret not spending time with others versus working more hours.

With all these valid reasons to take vacations, it’s amazing that we still don’t always do it.

Why is that? We’ve broken down a few of the typical reasons AND given you a different perspective to help you fight that urge to follow the crowd.

1. YOU’LL GET BEHIND, by having the thoughts like this are a big one for me. There is no one else to do my job, so when I’m not working, things don’t get done. The work just backs up.

2. YOUR BOSS, CLIENT, SUPPLIER, ETC. WILL BE UNHAPPY WITH YOU. Depending upon your individual situation,which might or might not be true. Regardless of the truth of the matter, you need to decide how to handle it. A good way to make your decision is to ask yourself this question: “In ten years am I going to care that I upset (insert work related person’s name here), or remember the great trip I took with my kids?” It’s all about perspective. Plus, if you plan ahead for your time away and catch up upon your return using tip #1, your time off will be forgotten by others before you know it.

3. I CAN’T AFFORD IT. If you don’t have paid vacations or just don’t have the money to go somewhere, you can STILL enjoy the benefits of vacationing. Just do be a part of our Freelance Marketing Operatives Program to market our Vacation Tour & Resort Management Programs to prospective consumers which will give you good incentives, with which you can plan your vacation trip. Taking regular vacations will make your life more interesting,well-rounded and enjoyable! When you recollect your vacation challenges in the forthcoming years it is going to boost your ego and self-esteem, a trigger for your operative systems.